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Best Walks East of Melbourne Book

Best Walks East of Melbourne

This guide will help you discover many of the classic walks in the region, as well as some wild and adventurous tracks that few know exist.

Includes 40 walks from Phillip Island to Ninety Mile Beach, the Yarra Ranges to Wilsons Promontory. Each walk specifies the distance, the total ascent and descent (where appropriate), the grade and the estimated duration and is accompanied by a full-colour map. Information about Gippsland’s history and wildlife add colour and interest to the walking experience. For families there is information about child-friendly walks and how to explore the bush safely with children of all ages. Includes over 100 full-colour photos to provide you with a clear sense of the features on each walk.

The perfect companion for any resident or visitor to explore the raw beauty of this incredible region. See Sample Pages

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Best Walks of Victoria's High Country Book

Best Walks of Victoria’s High Country

This guide is the perfect companion for anyone who loves walking in the High Country and its northern environs.

The book features 40 different bush, river, rail trail and village walks, varying in length from 30 minutes to two days. The accurate, full colour maps are accompanied by step-by-step directions and detailed walk statistics including distance, total ascent/descent, grade and estimated time. There is plentiful information on High Country history and its natural environment to allow you to immerse yourself in the experience. The book includes walking ideas for families with children, including safety tips.

With over 150 full colour photographs this is the perfect research tool for anyone who wants to walk the High Country. See Sample Pages

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Heros of Black Summer Book Cover

Heroes of Black Summer

It was an Australian summer like no other. Record-breaking temperatures and years of severe drought fuelled a series of bushfires that burnt across the country. The major fires peaked during December 2019 and January 2020 and East Gippsland was hit hard. Throughout Victoria, people started ‘paying it forward’ and doing what they could to help others in need. And many heroes emerged. Heroes of Black Summer is a brand new picture book illustrating some of the heroic, brave and kind actions of Australian people during the 2019-20 bushfire season. Each mini story captures a real life experience of the harrowing events from individuals and families living in the East Gippsland region. The book provides fire-affected communities with a tool to manage stress, anxiety and depression to support healing and recovery, and is also a great resource to actively engage with the community to gather and share their stories.

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Sparky the Wonder Puppy Book Cover

Sparky the Wonder Puppy

This stunning children’s picture book tells the true story of Sparky, an amazing dog who survived the devastation of the Australian bushfires 2019-20. The Wild family adopted Sparky at Christmas time, and when they were forced to evacuate just a few days later, Sparky was lost in the Tintaldra bushland. When the Wild family return to find their home destroyed by the fire, their spirits are buoyed when their scrappy puppy emerges from the smoky surroundings. This meaningful book has been written and illustrated to help children to understand and discuss traumatic events such as bushfires and other natural disasters. It comes with support from child psychologists who recognise the comfort and encouragement it will provide for kids, with one quarter of the print run being donated to children and their families in the Upper Murray region.

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